10 Amazing Facts about Cute Dogs That Will Make You Love Your Dog Even More

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It is no exaggeration when anyone says dogs are man’s best friend. It isn’t just because they are so loyal, it is because of their ability to love unconditionally and show empathy towards humans in the most healing manner possible that makes them irreplaceable. Their exuberant energy and guileless love can put a smile on even the most depressed person on Earth. And here are some amazing facts about dogs so that we can honor them and appreciate them for their friendship and love.

1. The parts of the brain that respond to vocalizations reside in similar places in both humans and dogs, which is why dogs can understand human laughter and happy sounds.

A team of Hungary researchers at Eötvös Loránd University have conducted fMRI scans of dogs brains while playing different human and dog sounds that are either emotionally positive or negative. The human brains contain a specific area within primary auditory cortex that responds to the sound of human voices and allows us to rely on spoken language for communication. So, when the dogs were scanned in the fMRI, what they found was that there were parts of their brains that responded consistently to vocalizations. What’s more exciting is that these areas were located in similar places in both human and dog brains and that dogs could recognize varying vocalizations reacting differently to sounds of different emotions.

2. The Beatles song A Day in the Life contains a high-frequency 15 kilohertz tone that can only heard by dogs and similar to dog whistle. 

The Beatles song A Day in the Life was released on 1 June 1967 and has two distinct lyrics written separately by both John Lennon and Paul McCartney. At the end of the song, they have also recorded the high-frequency tone along with some random background studio chatter. They would joke about the song picturing dogs listening to the song suddenly starting barking after its end.

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