10 Common Cute Dog Fears and Phobias

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Dogs can suffer from a number of different fears and phobias. These phobias can have a variety of causes, including​ a lack of early socialization, genetics, or a negative experience. A dog’s fears and phobias may lead to signs such as cowering, trembling, drooling, barking, destructive behavior, and, in some cases, aggression.

The following are some common dog fears and phobias.

1. Fear of Thunder

Astraphobia is a fear of thunder, and it is a very common phobia in dogs. The degree of this fear can differ between dogs. Some may just have a mild fear of thunder. In this case, a dog may tremble slightly or you may notice flattened ears and a tucked tail during a thunderstorm. Other dogs may have a more severe phobia which leads them to hide, become destructive, or lose control of their bowels or bladder.

Dogs may also be able to sense a thunderstorm coming well before you are able to detect it. This is the reason so many dog owners report seeing their dogs exhibit signs of fear several minutes or longer before the storm actually hits.

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