10 Common Cute Dog Fears and Phobias

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2. Fear of Fireworks

A fear of fireworks is another common dog phobia. Similar to a fear of thunderstorms, the loud and unpredictable sounds and light displays of fireworks make many dogs tremble in fear. For some dogs, slowly getting them used to the sound of fireworks can eliminate the phobia. In other cases, you may need to use management techniques. Dogs with a severe fireworks phobia may need to be treated with an anti-anxiety medication or sedatives.

3. Fear of Being Left Alone

The fear of being left home alone is referred to as separation anxiety. Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety tend to exhibit destructive behavior as soon as their owners leave the house. Other symptoms include excessive barking and housebreaking accidents when left alone.

A change in the dog owner’s behavior may help ease a dog’s fears. Simply by making changes to their habits before leaving the house and staying low key when they leave and return home, dog owners can alleviate some of a dog’s anxiety. Desensitization, the process of slowly getting the dog used to being left home alone, can also be beneficial to dogs suffering from separation anxiety.

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