10 Of The Most Reliable Guard Dog Breeds From Russia

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1. Moscow Watchdog

The Moscow watchdog is descended from crosses between the St. Bernard, Caucasian Shepherd, and Russian Spotted Hound breeds. It is well known as a massive dog, weighing between 100 and 150 lbs with a gentle temperament and could fit into any environment as a reliable protective family pet.

2. Black Russian Terrier

The Black Russian Terrier was developed in the USSR sometime between the late 1940s and early 1950s for use as military dogs. They are intelligent, hardy, brave, energetic and weighing 80 to 145 pounds make an ideal guard dog for your house. It must be said that it’s not an appropriate choice for a first-time dog owner because it needs daily physical training and socializing in order to build good habits like listening to your instructions and correctly identifying threatening situations.

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