10 Photos Cute Animals That Prove German Shepherds Are Amazing

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German Shepherds are by far one of the most noble breeds of dogs in the world. They are well-known for their ability to work with the police force’s K9 unit, but they also make great pets.

These dogs are so desirable because they are loyal, smart, and intelligent. They make great family dogs. If you didn’t already want a German Shepherd bad enough, here are 10 pictures that will definitely have you ready to get one for yourself.

1.  What a Beautiful Gaze You Have, Sir

German Shepherds have some of the most beautiful eyes in the dog kingdom. They are big, brown, and piercing, but those eyes are also wise and can read a person with ease. At times, these dogs may seem to stare through you, but they’re just carefully observing.

2. Always Watching

This German Shepherd looks like he is definitely judging whatever it is he is looking at. The dogs definitely are wise and are great at keeping a lookout. They make great watchdogs, especially for families with children. It’s like having a built-in guard.

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