10 Ways to Celebrate National Puppy Day

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Dogs are the most trusting, happy, joy filled creatures on earth. On March 23rd we take time to stop and celebrate National Puppy Day. This amazing holiday was founded in 2006 by author Colleen Paige, and has spread across the globe. The idea is to focus attention on puppies in need of adoption, and on the abuses found in puppy mills, but also to celebrate these furry little companions. According to statistics, people who have one or more pets in their homes lead happier lives, are considerably healthier, live longer and weigh less than those who don’t. So what’s not to love!

Here are some ideas to help you celebrate this holiday!

1) Throw a National Puppy Day Dog Party

Get all of your friends who have fur babies together and celebrate man’s best friend with cake, balloons, and lots of puppy playtime.

2) Teach Them a Trick

Can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Not true! Take time to help your furry friend learn a new skill or trick. Even if they are horrible at it, it is a great way to spend some fun time together.

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