11 Things Your Cute Dog Wants You To Know

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Dogs in the US are very popular and almost 90 million families have dogs as their pets. These days, many families decide to get a dog and it seems that we should know everything about them. However, we can’t always tell if a dog is giving us a silent warning or if it’s feeling insecure. Perhaps there are a few things dogs would like us to know so that we can understand each other better.

1. Relaxed

Funny Young Black Rottweiler Metzgerhund Puppy Dog Smiling In Green Grass In Summer Park Outdoor

  • Ears are up but not forward;
  • Mouth opened, tongue exposed;
  • Tail relaxed.

The dog is relaxed and comfortable and saying “I like you.”

2. Trust

  • Belly exposed;
  • Turns its back to you.

This is the highest sign of trust. Rubbing the belly means that you are content and it’s like a mental treat for your furry friend.

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