15 Adorably Funny Dogs Who Are Practically Cats

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Everyone knows that dogs and cats are different animals. But sometimes they act like each other. It’s rather adorable when dogs act like cats or cats act like dogs. We expect cats to sit in boxes or lounge across the counter top. They typically hate taking baths because cats will bathe themselves with their tongues. And cats love to climb!

So, when we see dogs doing these same things, we make a joke that the dog is practically a cat. Of course, this is just a joke, and it makes us laugh to say it. There’s something adorable about animals that mimic each other’s behaviors. The following 15 dogs exhibited behavior that makes us or their owners think that they are behaving similar to our feline friends. Prepared to fall in love with these cute dogs.


Whenever we pay too much attention to our smartphone, our cat likes to bite the edge of the device. So, this comparison is accurate enough. The little puppy, whose name is Chip, was biting her phone. Awwww! That puppy is the cutest puppy! We just want to cuddle with this little doggie and pet his sweet, little head. Puppies and kittens are so cute. And Chip is definitely acting like a cat, or at least he is acting like the cats we know. We would have to put down the phone and cuddle with that sweet baby. Puppies deserve all the love and treats and belly rubs we can give them. And little Chip just wants some attention from his human mommy. Such a sweetheart!


Cats will rifle through waste baskets because they think that the human threw away some food without sharing it. Our cat will sometimes knock the waste basket over, so we had to get one with a locking lid. Well, this dog is acting very much like our cat. And just look at that adorable face! She seems pleased with herself after eating all the things that the humans threw out into the waste basket. B’s mom might be yelling at the dog for misbehavior, but the dog has no regrets. The thrown-out food had been worth every bite. And ripping up paper is loads of fun. Just ask any cat. Going through the waste basket is something that cats, and certainly dogs, enjoy doing. It doesn’t matter that we feed them well enough. Food is food.

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