15 Fluffy Animals Will Make You Say Awww

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Animals can be beautiful or adorable no matter whether their color, size, species or length of hair. But, as far as furry mammals go, the fuzziest of them definitely have an edge when it comes to cuteness.

Of course, only some of the animals on this list are naturally this fluffy – many have been bred especially for this purpose. The Angora rabbit, bred for its wool, is one such species – rabbits this fluffy do not occur anywhere in the wild. Others on this list, like the fox or Chow Chow, are naturally fluffy. They get even fluffier in the winter, when their hair lengthens into a thicker winter coat. Some theories hold that, in finding an animal cute, we are actually seeing characteristics that we look for in our own children. We find large eyes, round heads and short snouts adorable in animals because we appreciate them in healthy infants as well. The fluffier an animal is, the more its sharper features are hidden and the more it looks like a chubby toddler.

What do you think does that make sense to you?

1. Teacup Pomeranian

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