15 Longest-Living Cute Dog, You Won’t Believe How Long The Oldest One Lives

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Every dog owner knows that dogs aren’t with us for nearly long enough. But an Australian Kelpie named Maggie managed to live 30 years. For most of the time she stayed in good health, and suddenly she deteriorated over two days and passed away peacefully in her sleep. Unfortunately, Maggie won’t make it into the Guinness Book of World Records because her owner lost her paperwork long ago. But hopefully, a good, long life is an even better reward.

So do you want a dog that could spend more time with you? Here are 15 dog breeds that live the longest.

1. New Guinea Singing Dog

Average lifespan: 18 years

Never heard of this breed before? Well, that’s probably because it is considered the world’s rarest dog, with only about 100 living in captivity. Singing Dogs are nicknamed Stone Age Dogs because they are 30,000 years old. However, they are very gentle and friendly with humans.

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