20 Adorable Costumes You Can Wear With Your Dog

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Who says couple costumes are just for humans? These matching dog and owner Halloween costumes are paws-down the cutest ideas ever.

Man’s best friend makes the perfect sidekick every day, but especially on October 31st. If your canine’s okay with getting dressed up, try one of these matching owner and dog Halloween costumes. Whether you’re trying to be spooky or just plain silly, our dog and human costumes ideas take couple costumes to the next level—and they’re sure to earn you four paws up!

1. Garden Gnome, Flower, and Bee Costumes for Dog and Owners

These garden-themed DIY outfits have got to be the most creative coordinating dog-owner costumes we’ve ever seen.

2. Taco and Tequila Shot Dog-Owner Couple Costumes

Taco-bout a perfect pairing! While her owners dressed as tequila and lime, this lab looked adorable as the traditional Mexican food.

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