20 Of The Most Adorable Child Dog Relationships

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There are two words that bring lots of responsibility, messes to clean up, and years of love and joy: kids and dogs.

Children and dogs are like a far more fulfilling, soul-gratifying version of peanut butter and jelly. They go together so well but unlike a sandwich, they love and inspire us for years to come. (Sorry to rag on sandwiches — they’re really great, but even if we made the best sandwich in the world, it won’t care for us when we’re older.)

Now that the difficult truths are out of the way, it’s obviously time to examine some adorable child and dog friendships. Is there anything more adorable than seeing the family pet bond and care for a child? It can be scary to allow an animal around a little one, but there are so many examples of the way that trust can help a child blossom into an empathetic, confident young adult. It really can’t be underestimated what having a source of unconditional love can do for a child. Sure, parents love their children unconditionally as well, but a dog never tells them to clean their room. If that feels unfair  yeah, that’s one of the many downsides of not being a dog.


Now this seems like the only snuggle buddy a child will ever need if they had a big doggo as their four-legged companion. These two partners in crime obviously trust one another. It’s not everyday such a gentle giant in the making is going to be so peaceful and calm, but you can see the bond the two have. The dog here is a Great Dane puppy named Bravo and he’s lucky enough to have a little brother and sister. (Well, little for now. They’ll all get much bigger.) Until then, it’s days and days of adventures and napping and some more adventures.


That little white dog is so happy to have found her fellow diva. And why wouldn’t she be? They’re perfect together. This is Mimi and Maggie and not only are these best friends on each other’s level style-wise, but it’s a pretty huge compliment for a child to turn their personal shopping cart into a stroller. A kid is used to being the one pushed around in a little stroller, so for them to play grown up and take the less fun position is huge. But when your dog fits so perfectly in the shopping cart… you just have to take them for a little drive.

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