5 How To Safely Introduce A Cute Dog To Your Children

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When you have a fur baby, bringing home a human baby can be a huge transition. Dogs can get very used to being the only object of your attention, and then this baby comes along, and suddenly the dog is no longer the center of your attention. Additionally, a new baby can be very confusing for a dog; they look like a human, but it doesn’t smell, sound, or move like anything they’ve seen before.

When you’re getting ready to bring home baby, you’ll want to make sure to prepare your dog for this new little person’s arrival. Taking these extra steps can insure that your dog and baby get off on the right foot (or paw!).


If you know the dog will be sleeping in a new spot, or want to adjust their walking schedule to fit the baby’s expected routine, start making those changes before baby comes home. If you wait to completely change up the dog’s routine until the baby is already home, they may associate the disruption with the baby.

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