7 adorable dogs that’ll persuade you to adopt a senior pet.

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Puppies are unbelievably, irresistibly cute. No one can argue with that.

But … they aren’t the only dogs out there that need homes.

According to Petfinder, senior dogs await four times longer to get adopted than puppies.

Don’t older dogs deserve “tails” with happy ends too?

That’s the driving message behind Susie’s Senior Dogs, a Facebook page with virtually 580,000 followers.

The precious pooch you see above is Susie, the source of inspiration for Erin O’Sullivan, who founded Susie’s Senior Dogs. Erin’s fianc Brandon Stanton( the guy behind Human of New York) attained Susie famous on Instagram sharing amusing pictures of the beloved pup with her 47,000+ followers.

Though Susie went to doggie heaven in April 2016, Susie’s Senior Dogs is continuing on its mission to raise awareness for the plight of other overlooked, senior dogs in need of a home.

If you’re looking to adopt a senior puppy yourself, here are just a few that need loving fur-ever homes:

1. This cutie tart named Rebel is a 9-year-old Cocker Spaniel who reportedly does not live up to his name. He’s available for adoption from Old Dog Haven in Washington.

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