Abused Cat Cinnamon Gets A New Life

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Cinnamon was one of the angriest pets to ever end up in their foster care, according to The Orphan Pet who shared their touching story about the cat on YouTube.

At 17, Cinnamon had spent her entire life at home, but after her two elderly owners both passed away in short succession, she was left in the care of relatives. Unfortunately, the relatives wanted nothing to do with her, and would often chase her around with sticks, abuse, and beat her.

Eventually, she was no longer welcome in her own home and was abandoned to fend for herself. The Orphan Pet took her in.

“I’ve never seen an angrier cat in my life. She was furious, confused, and so lonely.”

The first several months were very rough. All they could do was enter her room, put food on her plate, clean the area as much as possible, and leave. She would hide in the corner and avoid them as much as possible, giving them looks of pure hatred.

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