Dog Has Clever Way To Avoid Visiting The Vet

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Although Lulu gives a top-notch performance, Micki isn’t fooled by her dog’s antics. She’s used to Lulu’s silly tricks—but she still has to get to the vet.

Trying every trick in the book to try and make Lulu move, finally, Micki says the magic word that has her doggie jumping.

But what finally got Lulu up and running? You’ll have to watch the video to find out!

As mentioned, many dogs fear going to the vet. It’s an unfamiliar place where they’re poked, prodded, and sometimes held against their will. If you have a dog that’s scared of the vet, this a few tips:

1. Give them tons of treats during the experience. Seriously, positive reinforcement works better than you know.

2. Play an active role in the visit by calming them and speaking in a soothing voice.

3. If possible, socialize your pet early to get them used to strangers and being touched.

4. Lastly, relax! It’s possible that stress in owners may transfer onto their pets.

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