Dogs Rush To Help When Owners Cry

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Anyone who has a dog notices the level of intuition they seem to have. Dogs often know the exact minute you need a little extra love and attention. There’s a reason dogs can be trained as emotional support animals and therapy dogs; they seem to be hardwired to be attuned to human emotions. And now, a studyhas been released that shows that dogs will rush to their owners when they cry. Because, of course they will. Dogs and their humans often have a very strong bond, so if they can tell when you’re having a day, it would make sense that they can figure out if you’re in distress.

The study, which was published by the journal Learning & Behavior was done with a small test group of dogs, but the results could lead to a deeper dig into the subject matter. Surveying the behavior of 34 dogs and their owners, the study finds that the dogs respond to their owners’ cries for help faster if there is actual crying involved. Simply saying the word “help” got a response, but not nearly in the same amount of time.

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